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Ink Addict is much more than just another alternative clothing brand; it's a lifestyle and apparel brand that appeals to the tattoo artist, tattoo collector and the culture surrounding the tattoo industry. 

Ink Addict is where your ink becomes what you wear both on your body and now on your clothing. All designs are produced on high quality and comfortable garments. Each piece has been chosen with the latest colors and fashion trends in mind to ensure their product is highly sought after and will last. Over the years, communities of tattoo artists, extreme athletes and musicians have come to embrace the InkAddict brand and their beliefs. Their in-house artists as well as some of the biggest names in the tattoo industry design all artwork from InkAddict. They allow you to express your individuality while connecting you to the people who share your interests: your tattoo artist, your favorite musicians and the entire InkAddict community. They are about bringing together people who love ink, music and self-expression. InkAddict has created a place where your body art meets your style and appreciation for fine apparel as well as provided the forum for tattoo artists and musicians to display their work to the world.