Body Jewelry

We know that Piercings and Tattoos go hand in hand and we all know that most of you out there may be looking for a way to show off more than just your tattoos, don't worry we've got your back! Whether your piercings are gauged, on your naval or on your nose, we have a little bit of something for everyone. Are you looking to get new plugs for your gauges or just spruce up your outfit with a new set of earrings? Well the Inkedshop has gotcha covered! Explore our selection of unique ear plugs ranging from artsy to more punk, to go through our earrings selection to find something snazzy. Looking for some other tattoo, Gothic, and punk body jewelry? Well, we also can offer you some naval jewelry to spice up the rest of your body! We know how important it is to modify your body, that's what getting Inked is all about after all.