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They call people who get heavily tattooed “collectors.” That sounds like you, right? You grab one thing you love and build upon it but never erase what you already have. That’s us too. Through Inked we publish the new, the bold, the exciting, but always respect our past. Tattoos are forever, look at Sailor Jerry’s flash, we’re still getting his designs inked on us. Every issue of these Inked tattoo magazine back issues still resonate and holds within its pages true art. Maybe your buddy stole your favorite issue with Kat Von D on the cover; maybe you missed a few issues over the years; maybe you’re new to our magazine and want to see what you’ve been missing. It’s never too late to start fresh with our old tattoo magazines. Over the years our tattoo magazine covers have been graced by models, musicians and inked icons, and the pages in between have shed a light on the tattoo community in a way that no one else can. With issues dating back to 2009 there are thousands of tattoos you just have to see before getting your next. You might want to act fast, though, because when these babies are gone, they’re gone. Actually, you might want to cop duplicate Inked Magazine back issues, that or get rid of your sticky-fingered buddy.