Dress your money in Inked Shop’s variety of bi-fold and tri-fold men's punk wallets and wallet chains for men. Bringing you the coolest money protectors from Dynomighty, Marvel, Lucky 13, and more. It’s never fun when you “misplace” money, so keep it organized with any of our unique skull, punk, Gothic and indie wallets for men. Dynomighty provides bi-fold wallets that are tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable, recyclable, and overall sick. Each punk wallet is covered in the coolest pattern or graphic that adds some style to your money holder. Marvel has created wallets plastered with the face of your favorite super hero or comic strip. Choose from others with skulls and chains. Never lose your money again, especially not while it is clothed in style. Help a friend keep their cash safe with one of our skull wallets, or surprise them with an Inked Shop Gift Card, which could be kept safe in any of our skull, punk, Gothic, or tattoo wallets. I know this wallet excitement is overwhelming but be sure to sign up for our newsletter below so you can receive details about new products and accessories! Thanks to Inked Shop, your money will never go naked again!