Inked Magazine: The 2021 Holiday Issue

Get ready for our jam-packed 2021 Holiday Issue as we close out the year with a bang!

We start it off with Brooke Candy on one of the most visually interesting covers we’ve ever done. The multi-talented artist was inspired by Macrophilia—a fetish involving the adoration of giantesses. Candy turned the fetish on its head and gave it a feminist spin, then opened up about how she learned how to tattoo during lockdown.

The always stylish G-Eazy is featured on another one of our covers. In a conversation with Christina Lee the rapper opened up about having to postpone his latest album for a year, the way he cringes when listening to some of his older material and the deep friendship he had with the late Mac Miller.

While the haters like to dismiss it as "kid stuff," Americans spend far more on video games than they do on any other entertainment industry each year. The industry's tentacles reach into every part of our lives and on top of the heap you'll find FaZe Clan. To learn more about what motivates the content-creation behemoth we had DJ Scheme (a gaming fanatic himself) interview two of the collective's OGs—FaZe Temperrr and FaZe Adapt.

If that was all we had it would be more than enough, but there's so much more. Nick Fierro was able to track down survivalist and TikTok sensation Donny Dust to talk about living life off the grid. We spoke with actress Daniella Pineda and geeked out about the upcoming “Cowboy Bepop” series. Plus we curated a killer art project featuring Munny dolls, talked with some amazing tattooers and more.