Steadfast Brand

Steadfast Brand is proud to feature a line of apparel and art from Steadfast Brand, a premier industry player devoted to bringing the art of tattooing to the masses. Not slaves to fashion, Steadfast tattoo clothing brand offers substance and style by showcasing tattoo artists who deserve to be seen by producing world-class prints of their work, sketchbooks and anthologies.

Steadfast is constantly expanding their tattoo brand clothing line to include more unusual and talented artists and their work. What started with their own designs and the art of a few close friends is now growing into what they wanted all along: a line that reflects the people they meet and the experiences they have.

Instead of trying to provide the acceptable formula of "edgy artwork and style," Steadfast simply shows their concepts and the work of the best artists you would otherwise never see. Their Artist Signature Series line includes the best of their fine art collections on their highest quality fitted shirts.

Steadfast is always pushing for the best printing techniques to give the artwork its most realistic presentation on all of their products. Even their standard Street Series is always made from heavy weight soft ring spun cotton for the best feel and fit possible. All of these eye-catching works and more are available for prices that can't be beat at