Women's Clutches and Wallets

Maybe if we dress our money up and lay it to rest in lace and glitter, the good karma will come back to us and we’ll get filthy rich! Maybe not. Either way, our cash and cards should never go naked, especially with women's clutches and wallets so cute as the ones at Inked Shop. Decorated in studs, skulls, owls, and Elsa, these wallets are sure to please any glamour girl or don’t-give-a-fuck female. From sugar skull wallets for women and Darth Vader coin purses to a Snow White trifold and Edward Scissorhands zip wallet, our selection will fit your every need (and you’ll still have money left over to make the wallet useful). We know our customers pretty well and are happy to stock up on the accessories you’ve been searching for. We take pride in providing you with the ultimate shopping experience, bringing only the best and unique designs together for your shopping ease. Our sparkle envelope clutches and Sourpuss makeup bags will dress you up and take you out in style. And if that isn’t enough, we’ve got a ton of your favorite Disney princess wallets. As for you Star Wars fans, there’s plenty more where that came from. Sugar skull lovers, we remembered you, too. Buying for a friend? A wallet or clutch is always appreciated, as are Inked Shop Gift Cards.

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