Cuddle up or mess them up. Bedding is made to fit your personal style in your personal space. Inked Shop has selected funny, Gothic bedding, punk rock bedding and rockabilly bedding that will help your room to represent you. Your bed is your best friend, whether you decide to stay and lay with (in) it all day or depart for some time as you explore the land outside of your bedroom walls, it is the place that you end up in at the end of the day and it probably holds some of your deepest and darkest secrets. SO, why not make it as cool as you and dress it in some kickass punk rock bedding? From duvets, sheet sets, and pillowcases, Inked Shop has provided you with what you need to personalize your sanctuary. Sin in Linen has created a line of Gothic bedding that is comfortable and desirable, as its designs match your tattoo and rock love; while The Rise and Fall has created pillowcases that are interchangeable and overall insanely awesome. Choose the “anchors” pillowcases for everyday décor, or the “let’s do it, not tonight” pillowcases when you’re debating your level of friskiness for the night. Redecorate your room as you choose among incredible Gothic comforters and rockabilly bedding or wrap up the perfect housewarming gift. Inked Shop Gift Cards are also available. Subscribe to our newsletter for our latest deals and a heads up about our newest funny blankets and comforters! Neat and cuddled or wild and messy, these punk rock bedding selections will look good in any which way. You will adore Inked Shop’s Gothic bedding sets as you enjoy the comfort and style of bedroom décor.