Kush Kills Clothing

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Kush Kills Clothing is an art driven tattoo rock star lifestyle brand. They sponsor bands, skaters, fighters, etc. Their clothing is worn by rock bands such as Anew Revolution, Throw The Fight, Candlelight Red, 3 Pill Morning, Gone For Days, Three Years Hollow and many more. Hear It! Live It! Wear It! For an Art Driven Culture Join them as you live the Kush Life of happiness and success. At Kush Kills they promote their brand through the events they support and the people/bands they sponsor. As you chase your elusive dreams, endure any and all setbacks, you persevere and keep going until someday that elusive dream is firmly in your hands. They speak to those who live similar lifestyles whether you're a DJ, MC, rider, skater, skin artist, fighter or a struggling unsigned band. If you are one of these types and you are looking for a flag to fly, Inkedshop.com is the place to gather in a singular rebellious voice. We are proud to offer this alternative brand for our clientele that listen to the world, speak their minds, and wear their experience on themselves proudly.