RockLove Jewelry

After an old world apprenticeship in Florence, Italy, designer/jeweler Allison Hourcade fused her love of historical eras and silversmithing to develop Rocklove, making it her full time passion and career in 2008. In addition to the ever-changing Rocklove Collection, she also works with a variety of bands, Hollywood movies, best selling authors, charities and more to create with them exclusive merchandise. Every Piece is handmade from start to finish in New York City by Allison and her team (including two German Shepherds who spend their day in the office, awaiting the UPS man). Using only the highest quality precious metals, antique relics, genuine gemstones and eco friendly fair trade organic materials. They craft each design with rock and love. Rocklove jewelry celebrates lost art forms, exotic destinations, gothic architectures and the belief that your jewelry’s back-story should be as interesting as your own. Rocklove, an independent New York City jewelry label, incorporates rock ‘n roll edge with vintage nostalgia, historical inspirations and world travel. Each piece of rock n roll jewelry is hand cast in sterling silver, gold or brass with designs by the artist herself or molded from one of a kind originals spanning up to 150 years in age. is honored to team up with Rocklove to bring you these beautiful, well made designs.