Women's Necklaces

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Be sure not to get choked up when you view our beautiful selection of chokers, charms, skull and goth necklaces. All women know the importance of accessorizing with jewelry. Delicately, or boldly making a statement, big or small, is important.

Jewelry adds spice to your outfit. Inked Shop is proud to have a kickass selection of goth and skull necklaces for women to help you give your outfit what it needs. Browse pages among pages of tattoo and Goth necklaces that every woman will love. Not only do we carry a huge selection of brands, but we also have a wide selection of themes and styles. We have indie necklaces made of sterling silver, leather, lace, and more!

Our Gothic necklaces have incredible pendants that every gal loves. Among hearts, skulls, wings, feathers, animals, graphic cameos, and more, you can find something to match and accessorize every outfit in your closet. Find one or more of your favorites to accessorize, or find the perfect gift for any accessory loving chick. Better yet, wrap up an Inked Shop Gift Cards to let the recipient have the fun! Subscribe to our newsletter and get an exclusive look at our hottest new jewelry arrivals! Jewelry allows you to feel unique, so choose from our women's skull necklaces or other women's skull jewelry, personalize your look, and leave with a smile knowing that your accessories are top notch.