Rebel Ink: Aug/Sep 2014 - Heroes In Ink

Rebel Ink: Aug/Sep 2014 - Heroes In Ink
For this special issue, Rebel Ink invited two amazing people to grace their cover. Over the past 26 issues RI has had some special covers featuring a wide array of models, characters and celebrities; everybody from Tommy Lee to Kat Von D to Dave Navarro to Zombie Boy. And some of these covers we have to admit were pretty amazing; conceptually unique and visually striking. However, this cover featuring cancer survivor, Carrie Jewel Dugo, and U.S. Marines veteran, Alex Minsky, will prove to be one of RI's most cherished and satisfying. Read their inspiring interviews and enjoy their photo layout; both symbols of courage, strength and beauty. Also, featured in this issue are Siberian ink slinger, Pioneer, and Cali realism artist Rich Pineda; as well as the Polar Bear Club, Lady Luck Car Club and the Gas House Gorillas. Olive Black, formerly of 'Pawn Stars' sat down with RI to discuss her abrupt departure from the hit reality TV show. Also, get the scoop on some of the hottest shows, including Diablo Fest, the NYC Tattoo Convention and the Warsaw Convention.

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