Women's Third Eye Hoodie by Restyle

Size Guide

  • Black, warm hoodie with third eye and ankh symbols.  
  • Made 100% of thick and warm cotton. 
  • It is very cozy, perfect for cold days.
  • Printing is on the both sleeves and hood itself
  • The third eye printing is perfectly located on the hood.
  • Once you put hood over your head the third eye printing will be exactly on your forehead between eyebrows, just the place it should be.
  • Open third eye, or sixth chakra means the spirituality of person, developed intuition and open door of perception to other dimension and astral world. 
  • The ankh cross is Egyptian cross of life. 
  • Its rounded upper part is believe to symbolize feminine element of world and nature. 
  • Ankh is believed to be used to restore the energy balance in life.
  • Also the rose and moon are mainly feminine symbols. 
  • Rose represents beauty, love and subtle nature.
  • Moon represents regularity of women cycle,  and forces of nature, it was used to measure time in ancient times.
  • All those symbols sticked together accents the strong spiritual feminine nature.
  • Made in Poland. May take additional time for processing and delivery.